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DHALÂLAH - ضلالة


Literally: An error. The state of being astray or lost.

Deviating from îmân and Islam. Going astray from the way of Islam, Haqq and Haqiqah. Deviating from as-sirât al-mustaqîm. Being rebellious to Allah. Dhalâlah is the opposite of hidâyah.


As for the nawâfil sort, as laudable (mustahab) by command, ahl al-îmân are again charged with following them, but there is no penalty or punishment for giving them up. However, there is great merit in acting in accordance with them and following them. And to change them is bid’ah, dhalâlah, and a great error.….

for sure his Sunnah and actions are the finest examples to be followed, and the safest guides and the soundest laws to be taken as principles. Happy is the one whose share of following the Sunnah is great. While those who are lazy and do not follow the Sunnah suffer vast loss, and those who consider them to be unimportant commit a great crime, while if they criticize them, which infers denying them, it is great dhalâlah.” The Flashes (91-92 )



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