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FÂ’IL MUKHTÂR -فاعل مختار


Fâ’il is that acts or doer. An agent. That makes.

Mukhtâr is the one who chooses. One who may choose or select.

Fâ’il Mukhtâr is the free agent; Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) Who does everything as He wishes freely.


“The fact that there are between different things many resemblances and tawâfuqs with regard to their essentials and results; for example, between the major members and organs of animals' bodies, and the fact that they display a single stamp of wahdah, indicate in decisive fashion that As-Sâni’ of all animals is one; He is Wâhid, He is Ahad. And the fact that these animals have different identities and distinct features, all determined by hikmah and purpose, indicates that their Sâni’ Who is Wâhid is Fâ’il Mukhtâr and He has Irâdah. He does what He wishes to do, He does not do what He does not wish to do; He acts with intention and Irâdah.” The Letters ( 290 )


Yukarı Çık