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‘IBÂDAH - عبادة


The hikmah and the purpose for the creation of humankind. Carrying out Allah's commands and abstaining from His prohibitions. Being an ‘abd of Allah, in a manner which was ordered by the Sharî’ah. ‘Ibâdah is acceptable if it is performed due to it being ordered and in the way which was ordered by Allah. Or else the deeds and service performed, which are based on human ideas and inclinations, can not be qualified within the sphere of religion. (Please refer to the compilation of ‘Ibâdah.)


You should know that it is ‘ibâdah that instils the aqâid [in the mu’mins] making them a very part of their character. For if matters of the conscience and reason are not nurtured and strengthened by ‘ibâdah, which consists of carrying out Allah's commands and abstaining from His prohibitions, they remain ineffectual and weak. The present state of the Islamic world testifies to this…” Signs of Miraculousness ( 160 )


“The meaning of ‘ibâdah is this, that the ‘abd sees his own faults, impotence, and poverty in the Ilahî Court goes to the sujûd in love and wonderment before the perfection of Rubûbiyah, Ilahî rahmah, and the Qoudrah of As-Samad. That is to say, just as the sovereignty of Rubûbiyah demands ‘ubûdiyyah and obedience, so also does the holiness of Rubûbiyah require that the ‘abd sees his faults through istighfâr, and through his tasbîh and declaring Subhânallah proclaims that his Rabb is pure and free of all defects, and exalted above and far from the false ideas of people of dhalâlah, and hallowed and exempt from all the faults in the universe.

Also, the perfect Qoudrah of Rubûbiyyah requires that through understanding his own weakness and the impotence of other creatures, the ‘abd proclaims “Allahu Akbar” in admiration and wonder before the majesty of the works of As-Samad’s Qoudrah, and goes rukû’ in deep humility seeks refuge in Him and places his tawakkul.

Also, the infinite treasury of Rubûbiyyah’s rahmah requires that the ‘abd makes known his own need and the needs and poverty of all creatures through the tongue of entreaty and du'â, and proclaims his Rabb's ni’mahs and gifts through shukr and laudation and uttering “Alhamdulillah”. The Ninth Word-2nd Subtle Point


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