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JALÂL – جلال


Literally: Grandeur. Glory.

Allah's being glorious in majesty. Ineffable Ilahî majesty.

Any Ilahî attribute of might or wrath as distinguished from Jamâl.

In ‘Ilm al-Kalâm: The manifestation of Janâb-i Haqq’s wrath and grandeur. Because of His Jalâl, He is not perceptible and comprehensible by senses and feelings of man.


“Know this: in ‘âlam of the Pre-Eternal attributes, Al-Ahad has two manifestations, those pertaining to Jalâl and those pertaining to Jamâl. Through their manifestation in ‘âlam of the attributes of actions, they appear as grace and wrath, and goodness and majesty. Then inclining to ‘âlam of actions, تَحْلِيَه 1 and  تَخْلِيَه 2 arise. Then, being imprinted on ‘âlam of the âkhirah, which is one of ‘âlam of works, grace is manifested as Jannah and nûr, and wrath is manifested as Jahannam and fire. And being reflected in ‘âlam of dhikr, dhikr is divided into hamd and tasbîh. And being reflected in ‘âlam of speech, they diversify into command and prohibition. And being depicted in ‘âlam of guidance (irshad), they divide into encouragement and restraint, and reassurance and warning. And through their manifestation in the conscience, hope and fear are born. And so on. Moreover, it is the mark of guidance (irshad) to preserve the balance between hope and fear, in order that hope may induce striving and work, and fear may restrain from transgression, and a person will not despair of Rahmah and opt-out in blameworthy fashion, or feel sure he will not be punished so unconcernedly go astray.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 71 )


“just as Ilahî Jalâl and its concomitants are manifested in sequence from the name of Allah, so too Ilahî Jamâl and its concomitants appear in sequence from 3 اَلرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ . Since Jalâl and Jamâl are two sources, there appear in sequence from them by virtue of their being manifest in every ‘âlam, branches like command and prohibition, reward and punishment, inducement and threat, tasbîh and tahmîd, and fear and hope, and so on.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 21 )

1 (adornment and embellishment)

2 (demonstration of the Creator is exempt from the attributes of creatures )

3   (Ar-Rahmân Ar-Rahîm)

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