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Derived from the root of خليل khalîl. Khalîl is a friend whose love penetrates to all parts of the heart. A sincere friendship and love which has no defect and interval. Khalîl is the title of ‘Ibrâhîm ‘Alayhissalâm which is given by Allah through the âyah وَاتَّخَذَ اللّٰهُ اِبْرٰه۪يمَ خَل۪يلاً 1 the reason being is, he chose Allah’s friendship rather than seeking help from His creatures. The way of ‘Ibrâhîm ‘alayhissalâm is named khalîliyyah and the outlook of this way is khillah which is pure love and friendship for the sake of Allah.


“The basis of our way is brotherhood (ukhuwwah). It is not the means that is between a father and son, or shaykh and follower (murid); rather, it is the means of true brotherhood. Being an Ustadh may intervene at most. Since our way is “khalîliyyah”, our outlook is “khillah”. Khillah necessitates being the closest friend, the most sacrificing companion, the most appreciative comrade, the most generous brother. The essence of this khillah is sincere ikhlas. One who spoils sincere ikhlas falls from the extremely high pinnacle of this khillah. There is the possibility of falling into a very deep pit. He cannot find anything to cling in between.” The Twenty-First Flash/Your 4th.Rule

1 (And Allah took ‘Ibrâhîm as His khalîl./4:125)

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