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NASS - نصّ


Literally: Any definite degree or condition. A decisive text which is not open to interpretations.

An âyah of the Qur'an or a Hadith decisive of any point in fiqh.  Aqîdah.


If you were to ask: The Qur'an is one of the dharûriyyah of religion, yet there has been dispute over its meanings?

You would be told: In every passage of the Qur'an there are three propositions:

The First: This is Allah's Word.

The Second: Its intended meaning is the haqq.

It is kufr to deny these two.

The Third: Its intended meaning is this.

If this last proposition is muhkamât or expounded, it is wâjib to have îmân in it once one is informed about it and to deny it is kufr. If it is clear or is a nass that has another possible meaning, it is not kufr to deny it since it is open to tafsir. Tafsir, however, should not be based on personal whims. Mutawâtir Hadiths are the same as Qur'anic âyahs in this regard. However, where there is denial of the first proposition in connection with Hadiths, these should be considered carefully.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 73 )


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