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 توحيد العامي - توحيد الظاهري


The Tawhîd of an ignorant person. The external and common affirmation of Tawhîd.


“There are two sorts of Tawhîd:

First: Tawhîd ‘âmî states “There is no sharik of Allah, and that the universe belongs only to Him” the owner of this thought may interpenetrate with ghaflah and dhalâlah.

Second: Tawhîd haqîqî states “Sovereignty and dominion belong to Allah Who is Wâhid, Owner of everything and that only He creates. Such believers see His seal and observe His stamp on all things. Free from doubt, they feel themselves always and everywhere in His hudhur. Their Tawhîd cannot be interpenetrated by dhalâlah and wahm. ” Al-Mathnawî Al-Nûrî (14)

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