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TAWHÎD AL-HAQÎQÎ - توحيد الحقيقي


Tawhîd: Oneness. Unity. It declares absolute monotheism: The unity and uniqueness of Allah as creator and sustainer of the universe. Belief in there is no Ilah But Allah (‘Azza wa jalla). To Know, understand and accept that there is no effect and dominance of anything, anywhere, and acting upon that idea and belief. Repeating the statement of tawhîd لاَ اِلهَ اِلاَّ اللّٰهُ The statement of tawhîd is repeated in these âyahs of Qur’an (37:359) (47:19). Tawhîd is the opposite of Shirk.

Haqîqî: Truth. Belonging to haqiqah. Reality.

Tawhîd al-haqîqî: Real and true Tawhîd. Steady and unshakable tawhîd, which is attained by the proofs in each creature pertaining to Allah’s existence, oneness and having no sharik.


The fact that ahl al-îmân, and particularly those ahl al-tarîqah, are constantly repeating لاَ اِلهَ اِلاَّ هُوَ and recalling and proclaiming tawhîd, is an indication that tawhîd comprises many degrees. And also tawhîd is moreover a most important and a most enjoyable and a most exalted sacred, fıtrî duty and an ‘ibâdah of îmân. Let us then in order to attain a further degree, open the door of another stopping-place in this abode of instruction. For the true tawhîd, we seek is not a ma’rifat to be composed of tasawwur. Indeed, it is an affirmation called ‘ilm which is deemed equivalent to tasawwur in terms of logic and is more valuable than ma’rifat based on tasawwur and is the result of proof. And tawhîd al-haqîqî is such a judgement, an affirmation, an idh'ân and acceptance that one can find his Rabb through each thing, and see a path leading to his Khâliq in all things, and nothing can be an obstacle to his hudhur. For otherwise, it would always be necessary to tear and cast aside the veil of the universe in order to find his Rabb.” The Rays ( 175 )


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