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AHL AL-KASHF - أهل الكشف


Literally: Ahl is a man's family. A household. A kindred. Friends. People. A nation. A man's family and descendants. A wife. The people of a place, condition, profession, religion or quality. A person or thing closely related to some particular thing mentioned.

Literally: Kashf is a taking away the covering and so exposing a thing to view. Exposure. A finding. Discovering. A discovery. An investigating. Enquiring into. Investigation. Scrutiny. Inquest. Quest. A making an estimate of the cost of a thing, valuation.

The revealings and unfoldings of ma’nawî mysteries about the past, the future, now and the creation which are given to awliyâ, especially the great awliyâ, through the favour and ilham of Janâb-i Haqq.

Ahl Al-Kashf: The awliyâ who know the haqiqahs which are not known by external senses and are veiled, as a gift and favour of Allah (‘Azza wa jalla).


“Indeed, the distance between us and the caravans of innumerable eternal rûhs who are waiting to go to the âkhirah in al-‘âlam al-barzakh and al-‘âlam al-arwâh is so fine and short that there is no need to demonstrate it with proofs. Numberless ahl al-kashf and shuhûd getting in touch with them, and ahl al-kashf for the grave seeing them, and even a number of ‘awâm communicating with them, and the mass of people forming relations with them in true dreams, have formed a mass of tawâtur, and quite simply become part of the commonly accepted knowledge of mankind. However, because materialist thought has stupified everyone in this age, it has been able to implant waswasa in their minds concerning even the most evident matters.” The Words ( 534 )


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