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 ÂKHIRAH - الآخرة


The eternal world that we will go to after this transitory world, which we live in now. The future state. The other world beyond the grave. The hereafter. The âkhirah is the place in which all humankind and creatures will stay in forever after qiyâmah.


“Yes, since this world is the realm of hikmah and the âkhirah the realm of qoudrah, numerous Names like Hakîm, Murattib, Mudabbir, and Murabbi, as well as Rabbânî hikmah, require that the creation of things in this world is gradual and in the course of time. In the âkhirah, however, things will be made instantaneously through being no need for matter, time, interval and waiting for the manifestation of qoudrah and rahmah more than hikmah. Alluding to the fact that things which are made here in a day or in a year will be made in the âkhirah in an instant or a flash, the Qur'an of Miraculous Exposition states: وَمَا اَمْرُ السَّاعَةِ اِلاَّ كَلَمْحِ الْبَصَرِ اَوْ هُوَ اَقْرَبُ 1 The Rays ( 46 )


1 (The command of the Hour will be like the glance of the eye or briefer.)

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