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AL-‘ÂLAM AL-ARWÂH - العالم الارواح


Literally: ‘Âlam is a world. A realm. A universe. A class of beings. A state or period of life. A condition or circumstance of life. The generality of mankind. The public.

Literally: Rûh is a spirit. Life. Essence. Extract. The ma’nawî existence of human being, which is everlasting and capable of reaching perfection. The essence of human’s material and transitory life. Arwâh is the plural of rûh.

Al-‘âlam al-arwâh is ‘âlam of rûhs.


“Yes, al-‘âlam al-arwâh -which is a sort of al-‘âlam al-ghayb- is full of the rûhs, which are the substances and essence of life, life itself and the matter of life. This fact certainly demands and necessitates, that another sort of al-‘âlam al-ghayb and its second part, which is known as past and future should also receive the manifestation of life.” The Words ( 124 )



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