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AL-FATTÂH –  الفتاح


Literally: From the root of فتح fath. That is: An opening. A beginning. Commencing. Conquering. Conquest. Victory.

Allah's opening or bestowing a thing in His providence. A gift of grace. A providence. Assistance in any form. A solving, elucidating a difficulty. Solution. Elucidation. For Allah to bestow, as a means of subsistence or of moral advancement.

Al-Fattâh is Allah, Who opens out the means of existence and moral excellence.


“consider the meaningful forms of foremost man and of all living creatures, which are opened up from droplets of fluid through the manifestation of the Names of Fattâh and Musawwir, and the attractive faces of the flowers of spring opened up from seeds and tiny nuclei; and see the miraculous beauty (jamâl) of Ilahî fattâhiyyah and musawwiriyyah.” The Rays ( 87 )


لاَ اِلهَ اِلاَّ اللّٰهُ 1 In this phrase is a Tawhîd of Ulûhiyyah and Ma’bûdiyyah. We indicate an extremely powerful proof of this degree is as follows:

A most orderly activity is apparent on the face of the universe, especially on the page of the earth. And we observe there a khallâqiyyah through great hikmah. And we see ‘ayn al-yaqîn a most orderly fattâhiyyah; that is, the opening up a suitable shape and giving of a form to everything. Furthermore, we see a wahhâbiyyah and bountifulness through great compassion, generosity and rahmah. Since this is so, this state and this modality necessarily prove, indeed makes perceive of, the necessary existence and wahdah of a Fa’âl, Khallâq, Fattâh, Wahhâb Zuljalâl One.

Indeed, the constant disappearance and renewal of beings demonstrate that those beings are the manifestations of the sacred Names of a Sâni’ Who is Qadîr, and are shadows of the nûrs of His Names; that they are works of art resulting from His actions, and embroideries and pages of the pen of Qadar and Qoudrah and they are mirrors reflecting the beauty (jamâl) of His perfection.” The Letters ( 272 )


1 (There is no Ilah but Allah.)

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