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 AL-ISM AL-Â’DHAM - الإِسَمُ الأَعظَم


The most comprehensive name among the hundred Names of Allah (‘azza wa jalla), which is mentioned in Al-Qur’an Al-Hakîm and Hadiths.

Al-ism al-â’dham contains the meanings of all Allah’s Names. Each Ilahî Name and each creature have a degree of â’dham (greatness).


“Al-ism al-â’dham is not the same for everyone; it differs. For example, concerning Imam ‘Ali (ra) it was the six Names of Al-Fard, Al-Hayy, Al-Qayyûm, Al-Hakam, Al-‘Adl and Al-Quddûs. And Imam al-Â’dham’s1 ism al-â’dham was two Names; Al-Hakam and Al-‘Adl. And Ghawth al- Â’dham’s 2 ism al-â’dham was Al-Hayy. And Imam Ar-Rabbani’s ism al-â’dham was Al-Qayyûm, and so on; many other people considered Al-ism al-â’dham to be different Names.” The Thirtieth Flash/The Fifth Point/Conclusion


1 Imam Abu Hanifa (Nu’man bin Thâbit)(Ra)

2 Abdulqâdir Jilânî (Ra)

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