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AQTÂB -  اقطاب


Literally: Pole of a sphere. Chief. Leader. Center of influence.

The leader of the tarîqahs, which are in the way of haqq. The plural of Qutb is Aqtâb.


“In the progress of their rûh, the most profound people of tahqîq and haqiqah known as Aqtâb, each of whom drew into the circle of his instruction a significant part of the Ummah in the World of Islam, and through his wondrous guidance and karâmât caused those people to ma’nawî advance, and whose progress was based on shuhûd and kashf in place of proofs -they saw through their kashf and shuhûd Muhammad's (asm) messengership and truthfulness and that his veracity was of the very highest degree.” The Rays ( 598 )


Yukarı Çık