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AS-SÂNI’ -  الصانع


Literally: A worker. A maker. An artisan. The one who makes things with art. The one who makes in an artistic fashion.

As-Sâni’ is a name of Allah which means The Creator. Who creates by art and in an artistical manner.


“a house cannot arise without a builder, particularly such a house adorned with miraculous works of art, wondrous embroideries, and amazing ornaments. As much art has been put into one of its stones as into a whole palace. No mind will accept that it could arise without a builder; definitely, it needs a master architect. Moreover, within the building, veritable rooms take shape and change each hour with the utmost order and ease, just as if clothes were being changed like scenes were passing across a cinema screen. Even those numerous little rooms are constantly being created in each of those true scenes.

In like manner too, this universe also requires a Sâni’ Who is infinitely Hakîm, ‘Alîm and Qadîr. For the magnificent universe is a palace that has the sun and the moon as its lamps and the stars as its candles; time is like a rope, ribbon, on to which As-Sâni’Zuljalâl each year threads, demonstrates an another ‘âlam. And within the ‘âlam that He thus threads, He renews three hundred and sixty orderly forms. He changes them with the utmost orderliness and hikmah. He has made the face of the earth a spread of ni’mah that He adorns each spring with three hundred thousand species of creation with art, that He fills with innumerable kinds of generous gifts. This He does in such a fashion that they all stand apart from each other, quite separate and distinct, despite their being at the same time so close and intermingled. Compare the other aspects with this… How to fall in ghaflah from As-Sâni’ of such a palace?” The Words (70-71 )


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