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ATHÎR – أثير


The subtle matter that encompasses everywhere and exists all over the universe and fills all spaces from the spaces among the stars to the spaces among the atoms and inside of the atoms. The thin matter, which is the means for spreading the fluid forces like electricity, light, heat, attraction and repulsion. The fluid, thin, flexible, weak matter that cannot be seen or identified by the technical devices.

The atoms and their units like electrons, neutrons and positrons are created from the athîr.


Also, it is as though they see further, some of the people, through a more ignorantly dhalâlah, imagine the matter of athîr, which is an extremely subtle, delicate, obedient, subjugated page of the activities of As-Sâni' Zuljalâl, a means of carrying His commands, a weak veil of His disposal, a subtle ink of His writing, a most delicate garment of His creations, a leaven of beings He created with art and tillage of His seeds, to be the origin and the agent because it acts as a mirror to the manifestation of His rubûbiyyah. This strange ignorance necessitates infinite impossibilities.

Because the matter of athîr is more subtle than the matter of particles, which drown the materialists, and denser than the index of primordial matter in which the ancient philosophers were stuck; it is an unconscious, lifeless matter without will. To attribute to this matter, which may be infinitely divided and broken to pieces and is equipped with the duties and qualities of delivering and being acted upon by an agent, or to its particles, which are far minuter than particles, the actions and works, which come to existence through a will and power that sees, knows and manage all things in everything, is false to the number of particles of athîr.

The Thirtieth Flash-The Sixth Subtle Point- First Ray


The First: It is established by science and hikmah that the limitless space of the ‘âlam is not an infinite emptiness but rather filled with matter called athîr.

The Second: It is established by science and mind and even by the observation that a matter filling the space exists, which is the bond of the laws of the lofty stars and planets like attraction and repulsion, and the conductor and transmitter of forces in matters like light, heat and electricity.

The Third: It has been established by experiment that together with remaining athîr, the matter of athîr exists in various shapes and different forms like other matters. Just as gas, liquid and solid, three sorts of things like steam, water and ice are from the same matter.

The Twelfth Flash-The Second Question


This âyah indicates that the earth was created before the samâwât, while the âyah وَ اْلاَرْضَ بَعْدَ ذلِكَ دَحَيهَا 1 indicates that the samâwât were created before the earth. And the âyah كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنَاهُمَا 2 indicates that they were created together and then split apart from the same matter.

Know that too that the transmission of the Sharî’ah indicates that Allah Taâ’lâ created firstly a substance, that is, a matter, then He manifested on it. Through this manifestation that substance or matter melted and spread. Then, He made some of them steam and some fluid. Then, through an Ilahî manifestation, the fluid part thickened and became froth. Out of this, He created the earth or the seven globes of the earths. Then, a samâ was formed for each of these earths out of the breeze. Then, He spread the steamy matter, arranged the samâwât out of it and planted the stars in them. So the samâwât took form containing the nuclei of the stars.

According to the assumptions and theories of modern science, the solar system, together with the samâwât in which it floats was a simple substance which was transformed into a sort of steam. Out of this, some fiery fluid was formed, part of which cooled down and solidified. Then due to its motion, the fluid threw off sparks and pieces which broke up. These became compressed and turned into the planets, one of which is our earth. Thus, if you heard and listened to these, it would be permissible (Jâiz) for you to compare them with each other to see whether they coincide; according to the âyah  كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنَاهُمَا 3 it is possible that the earth and the solar system were a sort of dough kneaded by the hand of Qoudrah out of a simple substance, that is, the matter of athîr, which compared with other beings is a fluid substance that passes through and among them like water. The âyah وَ كَانَ عَرْشُهُ عَلَىالْمَاءِ 4 indicates this matter, which resembles water.

After its creation, the athîr became the first centre for the manifestation of As-Sâni’s creation; that is, He created athîr, then He made the fundamental atoms (jawâhir fardah) out of it, then He made some of them dense, then out of those dense, He created the seven globes, of which our earth is inhabited. Then the earth solidified before all the rest, speedily forming a crust, and over a long period of time became the source of life while up to the present most of the samâwî bodies remained in a fiery fluid state. In so far as this was the case its creation and formation were before that of the samâwât. And as for its being made suitable for the life of mankind and being arranged and set in order, that is, its being spread was completed after the arrangement and ordering of the samâwât, in this respect, it can be said that the samâwât was created before it.

Signs of Miraculousness


1 (After that He spread out the earth.)

2 (…then We split them asunder…)

3 (…then We split them asunder…)

4 (His ‘arsh was upon water)

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