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Azal أزل — Azalî ازلي

Literally: Azal is being without beginning. Existence without being created. Time without a beginning.

Azalî is possessing the quality of being uncreated and having no beginning. Being out of time.

Things that are created cannot be azalî. The claim of materialists about matter being azalî is a fallacy since nothing comes to existence from absolute non-existence by itself or without a cause. Therefore, the existence of a Creator Whose existence is necessary and not dependent on any other cause (Wâjib) and Who is uncreated and does not possess a beginning and is out of time (Azalî) is necessary. Being azalî is one of the necessary and evident attributes of Al-Wâjib Al-Wujûd.

(Please refer to the compilation Azal-Azalî)


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