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Al-‘Allâm al-Ghuyûb -  العلام الغيوب


One of the names of Al-Asmâ Al-Husnâ, which defines Allah as the knower of all that is seen and unseen. The One who knows everything in al-‘âlam ash-shahâdah and al-‘âlam al-ghayb, in the past and future, in this world and the âkhirah.


“In Khallâqiyyah, activity, changes, raising to life, employing in duties and discharging from them, all the creatures with art and each species of creatures have hikmahs, benefits, and duties that they leave no room for chance and are attached to them so intentionally and knowingly. And we see that with respect to creation one who does not possess all-encompassing ‘ilm could in no way lay claim to any of them. For example, although it is only a piece of flesh, together with its two main duties, the tongue, which is one of man's hundred members -man being only one of the innumerable animate creatures- is the means to hundreds of instances of hikmah, results, fruits, and benefits. Its duty of tasting foods, recognizing all their different savours, informing the body and the stomach, being an exacting inspector of the kitchens of Ilahî rahmah, and an accurate interpreter and telephone exchange for the heart, rûh, and mind in the duty of speech all point and testify in most brilliant and decisive manner to all-encompassing ‘ilm. If through its hikmahs and fruits a single tongue furnishes such evidence, innumerable tongues and innumerable living beings, infinite creatures with art, point to and testify to an infinite ‘ilm with the clarity and certainty of the noonday sun. And they proclaim that there is nothing at all outside the bounds of the ‘ilm of Al-‘Allâm al-Ghuyûb and outside His hikmah and will.” The Rays (615-616 )


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