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Literally: Inductive. Inferential. Intuitive. Comprehending the result quickly from the proof. A quick comprehension and sudden perception.

An ‘ilm obtained without the need for proof and a long consideration, through a quick comprehending of conscience and heart that is bestowed by Allah.  


Even if the mind (aql) is unemployed or neglects its duties, the conscience cannot forget Al-Khâliq. Even if one’s nafs denies, the conscience sees, reflects and turns toward Him. Hads — which is a quick comprehending in understanding — always stirs the conscience up. And, ilham — which is twofold hads — always illuminates it. Desire emerging from twofold inclination, yearning born of twofold desire and the ‘ashq for Allah arising from twofold yearning that are lodged in fitrah always direct him to ma’rifat of Allah Taa’lâ.

Al-Mathnawî Al-Nurî-691


The heart is the seat of îmân; the mind is where the nûr of îmân is reflected.

Sometimes, it is a mujâhid; sometimes, it is a sweeper. If the waswasas and various possibilities in the mind do not enter the heart, îmân and conscience will not be shaken.

For if, as some people suppose, îmân is in the mind, numerous possibilities become merciless enemies oppose haqq al-yaqîn, which is the rûh of îmân.

The heart and conscience are the seats of îmân. Hads and ilham are evidence for îmân. They are the sixth sense, a way to îmân. Thought and mind are the guards of îmân.

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