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IDH‘ÂN – اِذعَان


Literally: Intellect. Insight. Conviction. A being ready in obedience. A being quick and ready at understanding. Obedience by submission.  Acceptance by heart with a feeling of great need.


“The differences between 'Islam' and 'îmân' have frequently been the subjects of discussion among ‘Ulamâ of Islam. One group has said that they are the same, while another has said that they are not the same, but that there cannot be one without the other. They have expressed various ideas similar to this. I myself have understood the following difference:

Islam is iltizâm, while îmân is idh'ân. To put it another way, Islam is taking the part of the haqq and is submission and obedience to it, and îmân is acceptance of and assent to the haqq.” The Ninth Letter-Fourthly


Yukarı Çık