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IKHLAS – إِخِلاص


Literally: From the word of خُلوص (khulûs – purity, trueness). Purifying the heart. A being or becoming sincere Free from guile or afterthought in duty, love, or friendship. Pure sincerity of heart. Sincere, heartfelt and earnest love. Loyalty and straightness with an earnest love.

As an Islamic term: To perform ‘ibâdah because it is ordered and commanded by Allah. Not aiming for any reward nor benefit as the result of ‘ibâdah except the pleasure of Allah. Ikhlas is the opposite of riyâ.


‘Ubûdiyyah looks to Ilahî command and Ilahî acceptance. What summons ‘ubûdiyyah is Ilahî command and its result is the acceptance of Haqq. Its fruits and benefits pertain to the âkhirah.” The Seventeenth Flash - Thirteenth Note/The Second Matter


Ikhlas is the rûh of the ‘ibâdah. Ikhlas in ‘ibâdah is this, that it is performed only because it is commanded, although it comprises numerous instances of hikmah. Each of these may be a real cause (‘illah) for performing ‘ibâdah, but ikhlas makes it imperative that the real cause (‘illah) be the command to perform it. If the hikmah is made to be the real cause (‘illah), the ‘ibâdah is bâtil, but if it merely encourages the person to perform the ‘ibâdah, it is permissible (jâiz).” Signs of Miraculousness ( 163 )


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