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I’TIBÂRÎ -  اعتباري


The quality of being known through being connected, related with or attributed to others. Being accepted as possessing a value, existence and reality while not possessing a true value, existence and reality.


If you were to ask: What are nature and the laws and forces that they mutter about and try to console themselves with?

You would be told: Nature is a stencil, not a source; it is a printing-press and not the printer; it is laws and not a power; it is the Ilahî takwînî Sharî'ah which imposes an order on the acts of the limbs of al-‘âlam ash-shahâdah's body. Just as the Sharî'ah is the product and summary of the rules governing voluntary acts, and the system of government is the sum of political principles; so the Sharî'ah and order are two i’tibârî matters that exist only in the mind; and so too nature is an i’tibârî matter that is the summary of ‘Âdâtullah in creation. To have the wahm of the external existence of nature is like a savage, who sees a military division moving regularly, bearing the wahm that the soldiers are tied together with [physical strings that have] external existence. It is people with the consciences of savages, therefore, who imagine that because of its continuance nature has effective external existence.

In Short: Nature is the art of Allah Ta‘âlâ and His Sharî'ah of fitrah. Its laws and forces are the matters of it.” Signs of Miraculousness (167-168 )

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