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JAMÂ’AH -  جماعة


An assembly. A company. A party. A group; especially, a congregation assembled for ‘ibâdah.


We have been members of the Muhammadan Union since Qalû Balâ1

What unites us is Tawhîd. Our oath and pledge are îmân. Since we declare Tawhîd, we are united. Each mu’min is charged with I’lâ Kalimatullah2 , for which in this age, its most important means is dependant upon material progress. For the Foreigners are crushing us with their ma’nawî tyranny through the weapons of science and industry. So with the weapons of sciences and industry, we will wage jihâd against ignorance, poverty and conflict, which are the most fearsome enemies of I’lâ Kalimatullah. As for external jihâd, we will leave that to the diamond swords of the decisive proofs of the illustrious Sharî’ah. Because victory over the civilised is achieved through the persuasion. It is not by force, like savages who do not use their reason. We are devotees of love. We do not have time for animosity.

As for constitutionalism, it consists of justice, mutual consultation (mashwarah) and restricting power to rest with the law. Since the illustrious Sharî’ah was founded thirteen centuries ago, to beg before Europe in regard to legal judgements but a great crime against the religion of Islam. And it is like directing yourself towards the North when performing the salâh.

Power should reside in the law. Otherwise, despotism will spread. It is اِنَّ اللّهَ هُوَ الْقَوِىُّ الْمَتِينُ   that should govern and direct the conscience.

And that should occur through complete ma’rifat and widespread civilisation, or in the name of the religion of Islam. Otherwise, despotism will always prevail. To achieve unity is through hidâyah, not through fancy and desire. People have become free, yet they are still the ‘abds of Allah. Everything has become unrestricted. The mistake of others, cannot justify a person's own mistakes. Despair is the obstacle of all perfection. It is the souvenir of despotism to say "What is it to me, let someone else think about it". Biography-64


“Yes, we are a jamâ’ah, and our aim and programme is to save firstly ourselves and then our nation from eternal annihilation and everlasting solitary confinement in the Barzakh, and to protect our compatriots from anarchy and lawlessness, and to protect ourselves against zandaqa with the Risale-i Nur’s steel-like haqiqahs, which is the means to destroying our lives in this world and in the next.” The Rays (387)


“Yes, we are a society. And our society is such that it has one hundred and fifty million members included every century. And through the salâh five times a day, they demonstrate with utmost respect their allegiance and servitude to the principles of that sacred society. Through the sacred program اِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ اِخْوَةٌ they run to each other's assistance with their du'âs and ma’nawî gains. Thus, we are members of this vast and grand society. And our special duty is to inform the people of îmân the Quran's haqiqahs of îmân with tahqîq and to save them and ourselves from eternal execution and the everlasting solitary confinement of the barzakh. We will never stoop to having any ties with worldly, scheming political societies and committees. And nor do we have anything to do with the baseless and meaningless accusation of being a secret society, which is shown as the cause for our indictment.” Biography (419)



1 (See, Qur'an, 7:172)

2 (Upholding the word of Allah)

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