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KHAWASS – خواص


Literally: Special, peculiar, or particular. People of distinction. Intimate friends. Confidential attendants. Special qualities, properties; essences.

As an Islamic term: Accepted and respected individuals by their piety, veracity, acting upon the ‘ilm that is obtained and progressing on the degrees of ma’nawî perfection. Awliyâ and Asfiyâ, who are cognizant to the ma’nawî and Qur’anic mysteries through their ‘ilm, ‘ibâdah, obedience to Allah and taqwâ.


“It is a very powerful sign of the ghayb and is an Ilahî ‘inâyah that the Risale-i Nur’s parts proving brilliantly all the important haqiqahs of îmân and Qur'an against even the most obstinate. For among the haqiqahs of îmân and Qur'an there are those that someone like Ibn Sina, who is considered the greatest genius, admitting his impotence to understand, saying: "The mind (aql) cannot find a way to this." Yes the haqiqahs for which that person could not reach with his genius, has been shown in the Risale of the Tenth Word to ‘awâm and to children.

For example: A great ‘âlim like great Sa'd Taftazani could only solve the mystery of Qadar and juz’ al-ikhtiyârî in forty to fifty pages with the famous Muqaddimat-i Ithna 'Ashar in his book titled Talwihat. Those same matters, which he only disclosed the khawass, are explained completely in two pages of the Second Topic of the Twenty-Sixth Word, which is in a form that discloses to everyone. If that is not a mark of ‘inâyah, then what it is?

Also, that which has left minds in wonder and could not be discovered by the hand of any philosophy and is called the mystery of the creation of ‘âlam and the enigma of the universe, that abstruse enigma and astonishing mystery which has been discovered through the miraculousness of the Qur'an of Mighty Stature; has been unravelled in the Twenty-Fourth Letter, and the Allusive Subtle Point at the end of the Twenty-Ninth Word and the six instances of hikmah in the transformation of  particles in the Thirtieth Word. They have been discovered and explain the enigma of the astonishing activity in the universe, the riddle of the creation of the universe, its result and the mystery of the hikmah in the motion of transforming particles. They are there for all to see.

Also, the Sixteenth Word and the Thirty-Second Word explain with perfect clarity astonishing haqiqahs like the Wahdah of Rubûbiyyah without shariks, and the mystery of Ahadiyyah; the infinite Ilahî proximity together with our infinite distance to Allah. So too, in the explanation of the phrase وَهُوَ عَلٰى كُلِّ شَىْءٍ قَدِيرٌ in the Twentieth Letter and its addendum, which contains three comparisons, have discovered this great mystery of Wahdah that in relation to Allah’s Qoudrah the particles being equal to the planets, and that for that Qoudrah, bringing back to life all rûh beings in the great resurrection is as easy as resurrecting a single nafs, and that the interference of shirk in the creation of the universe is so distant from the mind as to be impossible. These have been demonstrated with perfect clarity.

Also, there is a breadth in the haqiqahs of îmân and Qur'an, although the greatest human genius cannot comprehend them; to emerge the absolute majority of those haqiqahs with their subtleties to a man like me -whose mind is scattered, state is wretched and who is in distress and writes hastily, and when there were no books to refer to- is a work of ma’nawî miraculousness of Al-Qur’an Al-Hakîm and a manifestation of Rabbânî ‘inâyah and a powerful sign of the ghayb.” The Twenty-Eighth Letter-The Seventh Matter-3th Sign

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