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KUFR AL-MUTLAQ - كفره المطلق


Absolute kufr. To not accept any proof of the existence of Allah and the truths of religion. To not offer shukr for the favours, ni’mahs and ‘inâyah of Allah, but rather denying through actions and speech. (Please refer to the Compilation of Kufr)


“if a Muslim denies one of the haqiqahs of îmân, he falls into kufr al-mutlaq. For in the face of the summary explanations of other religions, Islam expounds and elucidates them completely, and the pillars are bound together. A Muslim who does not recognize Muhammad ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm and does not assent to him, will also not recognize Allah, (with His attributes), and will not know the âkhirah. A Muslim's îmân is based on such powerful, unshakeable and innumerable proofs that there is no excuse for denial; they quite simply compel the mind to accept them.” The Rays ( 261 )


“since Allah exists and His ‘Ilm encompasses everything, in the view of haqiqah, in the world of mu’mins there is surely no non-being, extinction, nothingness, annihilation, and transitoriness, while the world of denier kâfirs is full of non-existence, separation, nothingness, and transience. This haqiqah is taught by the saying, which is on everyone's lips, "For those for whom Allah exists, everything exists; and for those for whom Allah does not exist, nothing exists; for them there is nothing."

IN SHORT: Just as îmân saves man from eternal annihilation at the time of death, so it saves everyone's private world from the darknesses of annihilation and nothingness. Whereas kufr, and especially if it is kufr al-mutlaq, both send man and his private world to non-existence with death and casts him into darknesses of ma’nawî Jahannam. It transforms the pleasures of life into bitter poisons. Let the ears ring of those who prefer the life of this world to that of the âkhirah! Let them come and find a solution for this, or else let them embrace îmân and be saved from these dreadful losses!” The Words ( 476 )


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