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Lummah Ash-Shaytaniyyah - اللمّة الشيطانية،


Literally lummah: A sign. A point. A mark. A seal.

The ma’nawî faculty situated in the corner of the heart where shaytan blows his promptings.


Just as man is a small ‘âlam, so is the ‘âlam a great human being. This small man is an index and summary of the great human being. The great originals of the samples contained in man will necessarily be found in the great human being. For example: Just as the existence of faculty of memory in man is a certain proof of the existence of Al-Lawh Al-Mahfûdh in the ‘âlam, so too, everyone being observed in his nafs by sense or hads a tool of waswasa named lummah ash-shaytaniyyah situated in a corner of the heart, which is a shaytanic tongue speaking through the promptings of the quwwa al-wâhimah and is the corrupted quwwa al-wâhimah, and its becoming like a small shaytan and acting contrary to its owner's will and opposed to his desires is certain evidence to the existence of great shaytans in ‘âlam

And since such lummah ash-shaytaniyyah and quwwa al-wâhimah are a tongue and an ear, they make the existence of an external evil individual who blows on the ear and makes the tongue speak to be perceived.

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