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MADRASA – مدرسة


Establishment of learning where the Islamic sciences are taught. A college for higher studies. The place where the Islamic sciences and haqiqahs of îmân are learned.


“they arrested me during the most intensely cold days of winter on some trite pretext, and put me into solitary confinement in prison in a large and extremely cold ward, leaving me two days without a stove. Having been accustomed to light my stove several times a day in my small room, always having live coals in the brazier, with my illness and weakness I was only able to endure it with difficulty. While struggling in this situation suffering from both a fever from the cold, and a dreadful distress and anger, through ‘inayah of Allah a haqiqah unfolded in my heart. It uttered the following warning to my rûh in a ma’nawî manner:

"You called prison the Madrasa of Yûsuf (as). And while in Denizli, things like relief a thousand times greater than your distress, and ma’nawî profit, and the other prisoners there benefiting from the Risale-i Nur, and its conquests on a larger scale, all made you offer endless shukr instead of complaining, made each hour of your imprisonment and hardship like ten hours' ‘ibâdah, and made those passing hours eternal. Inshallah, those struck by the calamity in this third Madrasa of Yûsuf benefiting from the Risale-i Nur and finding consolation will heat this cold, severe distress of yours and transform it into joy. If those at whom you are angry are being deceived and are ill-treating you without realizing it, they are not worth being angry at. And if they are tormenting you and causing you suffering knowingly, out of spite and on account of dhalâlah, they will in a short time enter the solitary confinement of the grave through the eternal execution of death, to suffer everlasting torment and torture. On account of their dhulm, you are earning both merit, and ma’nawî pleasures, and making transient hours eternal, and performing scholarly and religious duties with ikhlas."

With all my strength I exclaimed: "Alhamdulillah!" Out of humanity, I pitied those dhâlims and offered du'â: "O my Rabb, reform them!" The Flashes (327-328 )



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