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Ma’nâ is, the thing intended or proposed to one's self, an object. The signification, meaning of a word or expression. A thing of importance, A dream, a vision. A state of things, an occurrence; an indication. The ma’nawî prototype or the idea of a thing. An abstraction. A truth, reality.

Ramz is an abbreviation used in writing. An enigmatical expression, a hint, an allusion. A making a sign.  A denoting by a written sign. A hinting.

There are different ma’nâ levels in the âyahs of Qur’an like Dhâhir, Bâtin, Sarîh, Harfî, Ismî, Isharî, Ramzî, Majazî, Mafhumî, Riyazî. Ma’nâ al-ramzî is the ma’nâ which is hidden and allusive. An allusive meaning. (please refer to the âyah compilation)


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