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MA’NÂ AS-SARÎH - معناه الصريح


Ma’nâ is, the thing intended or proposed to one's self, an object. The signification, meaning of a word or expression. A thing of importance, A dream, a vision. A state of things, an occurrence; an indication. The ma’nawî prototype or the idea of a thing. An abstraction. A truth, reality.

Sarîh is pure, unmixed, mere, sheer. Explicit, clearly expressed. Evident, manifest.

There are different ma’nâ levels in the âyahs of Qur’an like Dhâhir, Bâtin, Sarîh, Harfî, Ismî, Isharî, Ramzî, Majazî, Mafhumî, Riyazî. Ma’nâ as-sarîh is the ma’nâ which is expressed clearly, explicit, evidently. An explicit meaning. (please refer to the âyah compilation)



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