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MULHID – ملحد


Literally: Who digs a recess for a corpse in the side of a grave. Who swerves from a true and proper direction. Who perversely disputes, or falsely reviles. A materialist. 

Who deviated from religion. Irreligious. Kâfir. Murtad. Who has no îmân.


“Just as the haqiqahs of îmân which the Risale-i Nur serves, are superior to everything, so too they are the most needed in this age. As for those mulhids who have killed their hearts and spoiled their nafs with desires, since they deny the degree of need for the haqiqahs within îmân, they make the accusations that “what motivates and drives the people of religion and people of ‘ilm are worldly aims and needs.” And they ruthlessly attack them based on this accusation. What is actually needed to silence these unfortunate mulhids are such self-sacrificing heroes who can show with their actions, that the most significant engagements of the world, rather its tremendous losses, does not silence their needs for the haqiqahs of îmân.” Kastamonu Addendum (252)


Yukarı Çık