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The office, functions of a Prophet who is sent by Allah (jalla jalâluhu). Prophecy. Being Prophet. Prophethood. Inviting the people to the right way by the command of Allah.


“Know that nubuwwah in mankind is the summary and foundation of man's khayr and perfections; the Haqq Religion is the index of happiness; îmân is a sheer, transcendent beauty. Since in this ‘âlam a shining beauty, an extensive and exalted khayr, an evident haqq, and superior perfection are apparent, self-evidently haqq and haqiqah lie in nubuwwah and in the hands of Prophets. While sharr, dhalâlah, and loss are with those who oppose them.” The Flashes ( 174 )


“Since nubuwwah, Tawhîd, and îmân all look to wahdah, the âkhirah, and Ulûhiyyah, they see haqiqahs in accordance with those. While philosophers and scientists look to multiplicity, causes, and nature, and see in accordance with them. Their points of view are extremely distant from one another. The greatest aim of the people of philosophy is so small and insignificant as to be imperceptible among the aims of ahl al-Usul Al-Din and ‘ulamâ of ‘ilm Al-Kâlam.” The Words ( 360 )



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