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Quwwa Ash-shahawiyyah - القوة الشهوية


Quwwa is a faculty. A quality. A possibility. A potency. Powers, faculties.

The power of animal appetites like eating, drinking, sleeping, sexual desires, dressing, etc...


Allah (‘Azza wa jalla) housed rûh in man's body, which is changing, needy and exposed to dangers. He introduced three powers (quwwa) in it to preserve.

The First: al-quwwa ash-shahawiyyah al-bahîmiyyah, the power of animal appetites to attract benefits.

The Second: al-quwwa al-ghadhabiyyah as-sabui’yyah, the predacious power of anger to repulse harmful and destructive things.

The Third: al-quwwa al-aqliyyah al-malakiyyah, the power of mind pertaining to the malâikah to distinguish between benefit and harm.” The Sign of Miraculousness-24


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