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Being Rahîm. The attribute, the title and the haqiqah, which arise from the Name Ar-Rahîm. (Please refer to the compilation of Ar-Rahîm).


“If you want to witness one manifestation of the beauties of Al-Jamîl Zuljalâl's Names in the mirrors of beings, take a look with a gazing, wide, imaginative eye at the face of the earth supposing it to be a small garden and know; the terms like rahmâniyyah, rahîmiyyah, hakîmiyyah, and ‘âdiliyyah allude to both the names, and acts, and attributes and shuûn of Janâb-i Haqq.

Observe the rizq of foremost man and of all living creatures, which arrives regularly from behind the veil of the ghayb, and see the beauty (jamâl) of Ilahî rahmâniyyah.

Then consider the miraculous sustenance of all young, and the two pumps of milk hanging over their heads on the breasts of their mothers, as sweet and pure as the water of Kawthar, and see the captivating beauty (jamâl) of Rabbânî rahîmiyyah.” The Rays ( 86 )


“"O man! You do not own yourself. Rather, you are absolutely possessed by a Qadîr Whose qoudrah is infinite, a Rahîm  Zuljalâl One Whose rahmah is infinite. Therefore, do not trouble yourself by shouldering the burden of your life, for it is He Who grants you life and administers it.

"Also, the world is not without an owner. So do not be anxious thinking of the state of it and load that burden onto your mind, for the world's Owner is Hakîm and ‘Alîm. You are a guest so do not interfere and disarray excessively.

"Furthermore, creatures such as men and animals have not been left to their own devices, rather, they are all officials with specific duties. They are watched over by a Hakîm Ar-Rahîm. Do not distress your rûh thinking of their pains and afflictions. Do not try to be more compassionate than their Khâliq Ar-Rahîm’s rahmah.

"Also, the reins of all those things that are hostile to you, from microbes to plagues, storms, famine and earthquakes, are in the hands of that Rahîm Al-Hakîm. He is Hakîm, He does nothing in vain. He is Rahîm, His rahîmiyyah is superabundant. There is a form of grace and favour contained in everything He does." The Words ( 665 )


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