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RÛH –  روح


Spirit. Life. Essence. Extract. The ma’nawî existence of human being which is everlasting and capable of reaching perfection. The essence of human’s material and transitory life.


“Rûh is a law possessing external existence, a conscious law. Like the stable and enduring laws of fitrah, rûh comes from al-‘âlam al-amr1 and the attribute of Irâdah. Qoudrah clothes it an existence decked out with senses. He makes a subtle, flowing being the shell to that jewel. Existent rûh is the brother of the conceivable law. They are both enduring and come from al-‘âlam al-amr. If Pre-Eternal Qoudrah had clothed the laws governing the species of beings in external existence, they would have been rûh. And if the rûh banishes consciousness, it still would be an undying law.” The Damascus Sermon ( 99 )


1 (al-‘âlam of the commands of Allah)

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