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SHIÂ’R - شعار


Literally: A flag. A badge. A sign. The customs, practices and habits which are gained and continue by the effect of the shaâ’er.


“An important pillar of the Risale-i Nur writes that: “The same day of the Adapazari earthquake, a few hours before it, A large public theatre had been setup for general admission which paraded four of its attractive actresses nakedly in a public display around town. More than a thousand people who were allured by this gathered around the building which housed the theatre. Just as the play was about to begin, the earth suddenly struck a blow at their shameless faces with complete fury and wrath and ruined them leaving them in complete disarray. It levelled that building to the ground.” For the last two years, I received no news about such incidents of the World, I did not look at them. Recently, however, the news given by both Husrev and hero Chelebi about the earthquake; and by the opinion of Husrev and his companions, the Risale-i Nur acting as a strong shield against the thundery earthquake of Isparta and averting its harm; and the destruction of the hail storm being limited to the crops of that hoja who was antagonistic to the Risale-i Nur, and it not harming anyone else, provide a degree of conviction that: With such an open betrayal of the shiâ’r of tasattur – an important principle of the Risale-i Nur which has spread across most provinces but not entered Adapazari – the Risale-i Nur did not run to its aid. I only looked at this event for this reason.” Kastamonu Addendum (287)


Yukarı Çık