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SAJDA-SUJÛD - سجدة -سُجود ‎


Literally: Prostrating and bowing one’s head with the highest degree of humbleness. The opposite of proud. Prostration before Allah (‘Azza wa jalla). The position involved in having the forehead, nose, both hands, knees, and all toes touching the ground together. Sajda is an action that proclaims obedience, contentment to Allah (‘Azza wa jalla). Sajda is an action that exhibits the highest degree of humility, impotence and poverty of a creature by its du'â and tasbîh before his Creator. In the Shari’ah; it is kufr to perform sajda before anything, due to the meaning of the sajda.

Sujûd is the plural of sajda.


“Sajda before the undying Jamâl of His Essence, His unchanging sacred attributes, His constant everlasting perfection, through abandoning all things other than Him, man proclaims his love and ‘ubûdiyyah in wonder and self-abasement. He finds a Jamîl Al-Bâqî, an Eternal Rahîm One who is certain to be a substitute for all transient beings. And through saying, سُبْحَانَ رَبِّىَ اْلاَعْلَى , he declares his Most High Rabb to be free of decline and exalted above any fault.” The Words ( 55 )


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