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تكوين –تكويني


Literally: A making or allowing into existence. A creating. An originating. A production.  A creation.

As an Islamic term: Takwîn is one of the affirmative attributes (As-sifât as-thûbûtiyah) of Allah in ‘Ilm al-Kalâm. His making existent everything from non-existence.

Takwînî: Pertaining to the creation of Allah. Related to the act of calling into existence; creative.



The third point is this: two manifestations pertaining to the Sharî’ah arising from two of the Zuljalâl One’s attributes of perfection; the determining through His will arising from the attribute of Irâdah, and that is the Takwînî Sharî’ah;

And the well-known Sharî’ah arising from the attribute of Kalâm.

Just as there are obedience and rebellion to the commands of the Sharî’ah, so there is obedience and rebellion to the Takwînî commands.

The sawâb and punishment for the former are received mostly in the âkhirah, while the rewards and punishment of the latter are suffered mostly in the realm of this world.

For example, the reward of patience is victory. The punishment of laziness is poverty; the reward of endeavour is wealth.

The reward of steadfastness is victory. The punishment of poison is illness; the reward of its antidote is health.

Sometimes, the commands of both Sharî’ahs are included in a single thing; it has faces looking to both.

That is to say, obedience to the Takwînî command is a haqq. Obedience prevails over rebellion to that command, which is a bâtil.

If a haqq has been the means to a bâtil, it prevails over a bâtil means that was the means to a haqq. A haqq is defeated by a bâtil due to the means but not essentially.

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There are two Sharî’ah of Allah that arose from two attributes; two humans are both addressed by them and bound to comply with them. The takwînî Sharî’ah arising from the attribute of Irâdah.

It is the Sharî’ah that orders the states and actions of the ‘âlam, which is the large human being; following it is not voluntary. It is the will of Ar-Rabb and is also wrongly termed nature.

The Sharî’ah arising from the attribute of Kalâm is the Sharî’ah that orders the actions of man, which is the small ‘âlam; following it is voluntary.

The two Sharî’ahs sometimes come together in the same place….

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