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 توحيد العامي - توحيد الظاهري


Âmî: Common and ordinary. That belongs and pertains to ‘awâm. In a way befitting to ‘awâm.

Dhâhirî: Pertaining to the outside. Exterior.

The tawhîd of an ordinary and ignorant person. The external and common affirmation of tawhîd.


There are two sorts of tawhîd:

First is tawhîd al-‘âmî that it says: “There is no sharik of Allah; the universe is not belong to someone else.” In the thought of the owner of such tawhîd, ghaflah and dhalâlah can penetrate.

Second is tawhîd al-haqîqî that it says: “Allah is One. Sovereignty, dominion, universe and everything belong to Him.” and sees His seal on everything and reads His stamp on all things. This sort of tawhîd establishes a confirmation with hudhur in that man. Dhalâlah and wahm cannot penetrate in this sort of tawhîd.

 Al-Mathnawî Al-Nûrî (23)

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