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TAZKIYYAH -  تزكية


Literally: A making or letting thrive and grow. A purifying.

In fiqh: A giving or taking the zakat or sadaqa of anything, so to purify it for use by its owner.

Tazkiyyah for nafs: There are two sorts of tazkiyyah:

First is the negative sort: The cleansing and purification of the nafs through not taking the faults on one’s nafs, not accepting and admitting of faults and deficiencies, not wishing to see them.

The second sort of it is positive: The purification of nafs through breaking the domination of nafs, and directing the nafs, the material and ma’nawî faculties that are given to man towards the khayr. Purification of nafs from sharrs through accepting and admitting of faults and deficiencies of it.


“The Qur'an, in this world, brought about in so luminous, felicitous and truthful a fashion, a revolution in the social life of humanity, as well as in the nufûs, hearts, rûhs and minds of men, in their individual, social, and political lives, and having caused this revolution perpetuated it in such a fashion, that for fourteen centuries at every moment it’s six thousand, six hundred and sixty-six âyahs have been read by the tongues of more than a hundred million men, does tarbiyyah them, does tazkiyyah their nafs and purifying their hearts. To rûhs, it has been a means of development and advancement; to minds, istiqâmah and nûr; to life, it has been life itself and happiness. Such a book is of a certainty unparalleled; it is a wonder, a marvel, and a miracle.” The Rays  ( 157 )


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