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‘UBÛDIYYAH - عبودية


Literally: Servitude. Slavery.

Obeying Allah as an ‘abd. Submitting to Allah. Working to follow the orders in the way ordered by the means of the Qur’an and the Prophet (asm).


‘Ubûdiyyah looks to Ilahî command and Ilahî acceptance. What summons ‘ubûdiyyah is Ilahî command and its result is the acceptance of Haqq. Its fruits and benefits pertain to the âkhirah. But, so long as they are not the ultimate purpose and not intentionally sought, the benefits which pertain to this world and the fruits which come about themselves and are received while they are not sought are not contrary to ‘ubûdiyyah. Rather, for the weak, they become incentives and a cause for being preferred. If those fruits and benefits which pertain to this world become the reason -or a part of the reason- for that awrâd or dhikr, it partly invalidates that ‘ubûdiyyah. Indeed, it renders the meritorious awrâd fruitless and produces no results.” The Seventeenth Flash - Thirteenth Note/The Second Matter


In the face of the manifestation of the Ulûhiyyah of Ar-Rabb al-‘Âlamin1 , they responded with ‘ubûdiyyah, which consists of proclaiming their poverty within need, and their impotence within weakness, and with the salâh, which is the summary of ‘ubûdiyyah” The Eleventh Word

1 (Rabb of All the âlams)

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