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     علم الكلام - أصول الدین


An Islamic ‘ilm which discourses and proves the matters about the attributes, essences of Janâb-i Haqq, nubuwwah, belief and the world of creation in the sphere of Islamic principles by the logical and rational proofs. It is also called Usul ad-dîn. Erudite ‘Ulamâ of this ‘ilm is called Mutakallimîn or ‘Ulamâ of ‘ilm al-Kalâm. ‘Ilm al-Kalâm was born in the Mu’tazila who were ahl al-bid’ah; grew up in the hand of ahl al-Sunnah ‘Ulamâ and Imams like Ash’ârî and Mâturîdî; perfected with Imam Gazali and His followers.


‘Ulamâ of ‘ilm al-Kalâm are students of the Qur'an and one section of them has written thousands of works of ten volumes each on the pillars of îmân, because like the Mu'tazilites they preferred the mind to revelation, they have not been able to express with clarity so many as ten of the Qur'an's âyahs, or prove them decisively, or convince persuasively concerning them. It is quite simply as though they have dug tunnels under distant mountains, taken pipes with the chains of causes to the ends of al-‘âlam, there cut the chains, and then demonstrated ma’rifat of Allah and the existence of Al-Wâjib Al-Wujûd, which are like the water of life. The Noble âyahs of Qur'an, however, can all extract water from every place like the Staff of Mûsâ, open up a window from everything, and make known As-Sâni’ Zuljalâl.” The Words ( 456 )




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