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AHL AL-HAQQ - أهل الحق


Literally: Ahl is a man's family. A household. A kindred. Friends. People. A nation. A man's family and descendants.  A wife. The people of a place, condition, profession, religion or quality. A person or thing closely related to some particular thing mentioned.

Literally: Haqq is the True One, Allah (‘azza wa jalla). The word of truth. The Qur'an, and every sentence thereof. A truth. A fact. A reality. An Ilahî ordinance. A providence of Allah. The only true religion, the religion of Islam. Justice. Equity. Veracity. The truth or essence of a matter. Substantial. Certain, incontestable. Necessary, unavoidable. Obligatory. Validity, force, obligatoriness.

Ahl Al-Haqq: The people of Haqq. The people who are on the way of Islam, îmân and haqq. The people who are in the haqq madhab. The people who attain the haqq.


“The largest group in al-‘âlam of Islam, ahl al-haqq and istiqâmah, called Ahl al-Sunnah wa'l-Jamâ'ah, have preserved the haqiqahs of the Qur'an and îmân by following to the letter the Sunnah as-Saniyyah within the bounds of istiqâmah.” The Letters ( 402 )




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