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ÎMÂN - ايمان

Literally: A making or letting be safe from danger, doubt, or difficulty. A granting life to. A giving quarter. A pardoning.  A granting a safe-conduct to. A believing. A confessing one's belief. A placing one's faith in as an article of religious faith; especially, a believing in the faith of Islam. To have faith in Allah; especially, to have faith according to the teachings of Islam.

To Accept the haqq, confirm and have idh‘ân to it. To Accept Islam and act accordingly to its decrees. To accept all the religious haqiqahs and fulfil their requirements. (Please refer to the compilation of Îmân)


“Îmân is a nûr produced by affirming in detail all the dharûriyyah of religion brought by Ar-Rasûl Al-Akram ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm and the rest in general.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 49 )

“Know too that as expounded by Sa'd al-Din al-Taftâzâni," îmân is a nûr that Allah Taâ’lâ instils instantaneously in the hearts of those of His ‘abds that He wishes - that is after they have used their juz’ al-ikhtiyârî. Yes, îmân is a nûr for the human conscience, a ray from the Pre-Eternal Sun, that suddenly bathes in nûr the conscience's malakût. It affords it a feeling of familiarity with all the universe and establishes relations between it and all things. It imparts such ma’nawî strength to a person's heart that he can overcome all the events and misfortunes that beset him. It affords him such breadth he can endure the past and the future. Yes, as îmân is a ray from the Pre-Eternal Sun, so it is a flash of eternal happiness, that is, of the resurrection of the dead. Through the light it emits, the seeds of man's hopes sprout, and the potentialities lodged in his conscience start to grow and to stretch out towards eternity, and the seeds of his potentialities are transformed into a Tree of Tuba.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 50 )


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