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GHAYB - غيب

AL-‘ÂLAM AL-GHAYB -  العالم الغيب


Literally: ‘Âlam is a world. A realm. A universe. A class of beings. A state or period of life. A condition or circumstance of life. The generality of mankind. The public.

Literally: Ghayb is anything hidden, unseen or invisible. The things that we cannot perceive with our material senses.

Al-‘âlam al-ghayb is the realm that we are not able to know with our external senses and appropriated to rûhs, jinns and malâikah.


“Yes, al-‘âlam al-arwâh -which is a sort of al-‘âlam al-ghayb- is full of the rûhs, which are the substances and essence of life, life itself and the matter of life. This fact certainly demands and necessitates, that another sort of al-‘âlam al-ghayb and its second part, which is known as past and future should also receive the manifestation of life.” The Words ( 124 )


“KNOW, O FRIEND, that this proves that the inner existence is more perfect and excellent, vigorous in life, decorated, subtle, and better than whatever the outer existence displays in the name of life, consciousness, and perfection. All that is seen in the outer existence is only a sign of the inner existence’s life, consciousness, and perfection. If the inner existence were lifeless, the outer existence could not display life and consciousness. Your stomach is much more orderly than your house, your skin more excellently woven than your clothes, and your memory better designed than your book. Compare with these examples al-‘âlam al-mulk and al-‘âlam al-malakût, al-‘âlam ash-shahâdah and al-‘âlam al-ghayb, and this world and the âkhirah. Unfortunately, nafs al-ammarah looks with the eye of fancy and desire, and thus sees the outer existence as animated and lovely and spread over the lifeless, dark, and dreadful inner existence.” Al-Mathnawi al-Nuri (250)


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