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As-Sirât Al-Mustaqîm -  الصراط المستقيم


Literally: Sirât is a road. A path.

Literally: Mustaqîm is straight. Direct.

As a Qur’anic term: The right way that pleases Allah (jalla jalâluhu). Haqq way. Tawhîd. The boundaries of the Sharî’ah and Sunnah as-Saniyyah. The way of Islam. The way of justice and frugality (iqtisâd). The way of the Prophets, awliyâ, salîhîn and siddîqîn. (1:6) (11:56) (19:36) (36:61)

(For futher explanation, please refer to the Compilation on As-Sirât Al-Mustaqîm.)


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