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FÂSIQ -  فاسق



The one who deviates as-sirât al-mustaqîm which are the limits of Sharî’ah and Sunnah. Sinner. Who indulges his carnal lusts. The one who does not obey the commands of Allah through being rebellious to Allah. In the Sharî’ah language, this person is called a fâsiq.


“Behold, Allah does not disdain to propound a parable of a gnat, or of something [even] less than that. Now, as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Rabb and Sustainer - whereas those kâfirs say, 'What means Allah by this parable?' By it He causes many to go dhalâlah, and many He guides hidâyah; but none does he cause thereby to go dhalâlah save those who are fâsiq - *Who break Allah's covenant after it has been ratified, and cut asunder what Allah has bidden to be joined, and spread corruption on earth; these it is that shall be the losers in the world and in the âkhirah.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 224 )


Yukarı Çık