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Literally: Balance. Moderation. Acting with moderation.

Derived from the word qasd (قصد ) which means a deliberately resolving, purposing to do or attain by effort; a firm, deliberate intention; hence, the act intended; also, the object intended to be attained.

Iqtisâd is the lightest, shortest, easiest and most beneficial way to follow to gain the intended aim.

As an Islamic term, Iqtisâd is justice (‘adalah). Sunnah as-Saniyyah, wasat and as-sirât al-mustaqîm, which are the lightest, shortest, easiest and most beneficial ways to follow in every part of life in order to gain the intended aim. For example, belief, economy, talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, social relations, family life, etc.

The opposite of iqtisâd is isrâf (wastefulness).


Frugality (Iqtisâd) means literally “Moderation and straightness in action” and is taken from the word qasd (قصد ). Because one, who knows his purpose well, attains it directly without turning other ways, while one, who does not know the place and locality of his aim, remains in confusion. He sometimes fluctuates into ifrât sometimes into tafrît; he always struggles. Therefore frugality (Iqtisâd) is used to express the actions that lead one to his aim.

(Hak Dini Kur’an Dili Tefsiri:1736)


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1 (Since the word frugality is used for the word iqtisâd in the translations, the meaning of the word iqtisâd in the Islamic terminology should be known.)

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