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JARBAZA – جربزة


Literally: A being or becoming wily, tricky, deceitful, wiliness. Readiness of wit combined with a facile expression. Presence of mind and tact.

As an Islamic term: Ifrât degree of al-quwwa al-aqliyyah, the power of the mind, which is given to man in order to distinguish haqq and bâtil. Deceptive mind, which displays the haqq as the bâtil and the bâtil as the haqq and is over-meticulousness in trivialities.

(Please refer to the Compilation on As-sirât Al-mustaqîm.)



“The strange state of jarbaza collects together things which were divided in time and place and makes them one. It looks on everything through that black veil. Truly, jarbaza is a machine of strange things with all sorts.” Münazarat (35)


“You are accusing me of “making religion an instrument of politics.”

These have been proven with a hundred decisive proofs that the accusation in an open slander, it is baseless and unfounded. In response to this serious slander; I am accusing you of making politics an instrument of atheism!

There was one time a quick-witted Sultân who used to oppress many of his subjects with the intention of serving justice. A muhaqqîq ‘âlim told him: Oh Ruler! you are oppressing your subjects under the label of justice. For your polemical view by jarbaza collects the various faults of a person spread across time and imagines them to be present all at once. You are delivering extreme penalties to its perpetrators. Moreover, with your polemical view by jarbaza, you are gathering together the faults that are committed by separate people in one tribe. And to that degree, you harbour a rancour and rage against each individual of that tribe, unfairly striking all of them. Yes, if you released in one day the saliva you release in a year, you will drown in it. If a few people applied the bitter medicines such as quinine sulphate which you have applied across multiple time ranges and applied it all at once, it could kill all of them. In just the same way: it is necessary to hide faults that appear only occasionally since they are to be found in between good attributes. Through your view by jarbaza, without considering the good characteristics that eliminate the bad, you are accumulating those various faults and dealing your subjects with heavy punishments.” That Sultân was saved from his dhulm that he has done in the name of justice, as a result of the warnings by that muhaqqîq ‘âlim” Biography-266


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