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LISÂN-I HÂL - لسان حال


The manner, looks or condition of a person or thing as appealing directly to the heart or mind without making use of words. Expressing a meaning by a manner, demeanour, condition and state. From that meaning, deducing a lesson, an admonition, a warning, an example to be shunned and an incitative to do what is good.

The language of being of all creatures — which are the work of art — reminds the people of tafakkur of their Sâni’ through their states, conditions and manners. In the same way, each Muslim must demonstrate the perfection of Islam through his demeanour, good morals and actions, which are amal as-sâlih. It is the most powerful tablîgh and lesson through action and language of being.

(Please refer to the Compilation of The Language of Being)


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