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TABLÎGH – تبليغ


Literally: Derived from the root of بلوغ (bulûgh) which is: A reaching. An attaining. A coming or going to; arrival. Attainment. A being near arrival in place or feeling or a ma’nawî manner. A making or letting reach or attain. A delivering. A transmitting. A communicating. To make reach. To deliver. Transmit. Communicate.

As an Islamic term: One of the five attributes of the Prophethood, which is conveying the orders, commands and laws from Allah to the people. Because of that for the mu’mins tablîgh which are performed properly to its conditions and principles is an important duty. Tablîgh can be made through dissemination and publishing which has no direct addressee and also can be made through the words to the addressee who demand and feel their need. Living the life of religion perfectly and earnestly is the other sort of tablîgh. (Please refer to Language of Being from the dictionary).


“Thirteenth Principle: And he proclaims the soundness of the injunctions which he does tablîgh with such confidence and sureness and invites that, if the whole world have gathered, they could not have made him revoke or abjure a single of those injunctions. Witness to this are all his life and his illustrious biography.

Fourteenth Principle: And he calls and does tablîgh with such confidence and trust that he does not become indebted to anyone and no difficulty can make him anxious; with complete sincerity and honesty, he accepted before anyone the injunctions he had brought, and acted accordingly, and proclaimed them. And witness to this was his famous asceticism and istighnâ, and his never stooping to the ephemeral glitter of this world which were well-known by everyone, friends and foes.” The Nineteenth Letter-19th Subtle Sign


“In his tablîgh of his messengership and his inviting (da’wah) of humanity to the haqq, he displayed such steadfastness, firmness and courage that although great states and religions, and even his own people, tribe and uncle opposed him in the most hostile fashion, he exhibited not the slightest trace of hesitation, anxiety or fear; and that he successfully challenged the whole world and made Islam the master of the world likewise proves that in tablîgh and in da’wah he has never been matched, nor will he ever be.” The Rays  ( 152 )


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